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Did You Know That The Shape of Your Legs Can Tell You What You Are In A Relationship

When a man looks for some time in a lady who attracts attention, he often tries to find out more about her. From her looks, to her interests.

By understanding the body language and human anatomy, we can get a clear idea of what women think or have against us.

In today’s article we will talk about how the shape of the woman’s legs can tell a lot about her. You will be surprised at how true this perception is. The shape of the legs can determine the woman’s sexual behavior.

You can first try this for yourself. You just have to put your feet very close to each other and look at yourself in the mirror.

Type A
Legs are close and between them there is only one gap, starting from the ankle and ends just above the mid-calf. There is a relatively widespread belief that a smaller distance between the legs will be comfortable in the bed.
This type of leg shows that women are very gentle. They attract men with their beauty and serenity. They are also shy. These women like men to do the whole thing themselves. But women with such legs should be very smart not to lose their relationship, because most men do not like doing the same thing.

Type B
The legs touch each other in one place, in the ankles. These women want to experience new experiences. They like a game element in an intimate relationship. They are brave and adventurous personalities.
These women like to play a major role in the relationship. But these women should be careful not to lose their relationship.

Type C
The hips are close together, but the calves and knees are not touching. Women with this type of leg are very gentle and romantic. But men should be careful, because if you give the freedom to these women, they can become a wild cat.

Type D
The legs touch each other in the upper thighs, knees, and ankles. This is the most famous form of leg.
This type shows that women naturally and traditionally behave in bed. They do not like a lot of games in bed. But if their partner wants to try a new pose, they will gladly accept it.
Men like these women because of their ability to give them confidence. In addition, such legs are very attractive.

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