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Here’s How To Use Epsom Salt – Heals the whole body of acidity, skin problems, arthritis joint pain and muscle cramps

The Detoxifying Bath is something we need to use from time to time. This is usually done with Epsom salt that helps us remove all the toxins from our body, but it also benefits from various benefits for our full health.

Today we will offer you an improved bath combination: Epsom salt combined with Himalayan salt! When these two combine, they can help us with a number of health problems.

They can not cause side effects,and are not very expensive.

The Epsom salt is a mineral compound found in water, containing high sulphate and magnesium. But be careful when buying salt, because it can be of different nutritional qualities.

Our skin is the largest detoxification body. During a salt bath, sulphate and minerals combine and remove all the toxins through your skin. They are also absorbed through the skin and increase the levels of sulphate and magnesium in our body. There are numerous studies that have shown an increase in magnesium levels only from lying in a saline bath with Epsom salt. Plus, it does not cause any side effects!

Himalayan salt is considered to be one of the oldest but also the cleanest and most importantly salt in the world. It gives the body numerous minerals that are essential to us. Adding it to the tub will make you feel surrounded by energy. All minerals and salts from it will be absorbed by your skin and will take them instantly.

HEALTH BENEFITS of salt bath
These types of salt contain different minerals, but the salt bath combines the same benefits for us:

* Increases blood circulation
* Accelerates healing of swelling, minor wounds, bruises, tense or torn muscles and ties
* It reduces acidity and helps to balance the pH levels in the body
* Softens symptoms before menstruation (abdominal swelling, migraine, cramps)
* Eliminates toxins through the skin
* It is filled with very powerful antiseptic properties and can help you treat skin diseases such as rashes, eczema, psoriasis, acne and dry skin
* Improves Respiratory Health
* Soothes sunburns and insect bites
* Softens joint pains and muscle cramps
* Helps and improves sleep, relaxes muscles and reduces stress
* Purifies, cleans and nourishes your body with essential minerals

HOW TO USE Epsom salts for Super Detox?
Dr David Jokers says, the amount of salt should be determined by the weight of the human being. Here are some quantities that should be used for a standard bathtub. The measure is about 120 liters of water.

Children under 60 kg: ½ cup
Individuals between 60-100 kg: 1 cup
Individuals between 100-150 kg: 1½ cups
Individuals between 150-200 kg: 2 cups

For every 50 liter more – add half a cup of salt

Initially, you should start with only Epsom salt and later add Himalayan salt.


Do not use this salt in case of burns, open wounds, cardiovascular problems, or if you are pregnant. If you take some medicines for a long time, talk to your doctor before you decide to start this type of detoxification.

First you have to rub the bathtub so you can remove the dirt from it. Then fill the bathtub with hot water by about 37 °.

This will be enough to dissolve the two types of salt. Make sure the water is not too hot, especially in case of high blood pressure problems!

Do not add oils, shampoos or soaps. After using salt bath, do not rinse your body! You can just dry with a cloth.

You must be hydrated. Drink plenty of water before and after the bath. You can listen to music to help you relax more.

Make sure you stay in it for at least 40 minutes. Your body will have enough time to successfully digest minerals from salts.

You may feel a little dizzy. But it’s normal, do not panic

It is possible that the water in the bathtub has acquired a milky color, when you finish the bath. It depends on your health. This happens because toxins are eliminated from your body. When people work in industrial zones or are smokers, their water may even have a brown color.

The best use is 2 -3 times a week, but if you can not handle it, do it at least once more.

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