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7-Day Yogurt Diet – Get In Shape Quickly And Lose 6 Pounds!

Warm weather is approaching, and therefore you want to lose weight which you gain during the winter. Because of this, if you want to quickly get shape, we offer you a perfect diet.

Make 7 days-diet and remove 4-6 pounds! We just warn you not to do it longer or too often.

Only 2 months is enough.

The principle is as follows:

Eat yogurt! When and as much as you like. As you can add other foods as follows:

Days – 1, 2, 3

You can add boiled rice or boiled potatoes to your menu. No carbonated beverages! Alcohol can only white wine and not more than 1 cup.

Days – 4-5-6

Except yogurt, you can also have chicken fillets. Stewed, boiled, roasted; as you love it. For luxury, add some fresh vegetables. No alcohol and carbonated beverages.


Yoghurt and fruit. Only without bananas and grapes. You could drink a glass of wine. It is important, after completing the 7th day, not to drop on the food. Step by step increase quantity and add other products.

That’s it! You will only have difficulty in the first two days.

We will wait for you to share the results.

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