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What Shape Do Your Breasts Have? Choose Yours And You Will Learn Something Very Interesting …

Breast shape is very important in choosing a bra but, unfortunately, the majority of women only consider its size. Maybe that’s why it seems to you that a woman’s bra “is not right.” The next time you pick a bra in the store, we suggest you remember these simple tips:

1. Classic Breast Form

This is a kind of gold standard. Full, rounded breasts, leaning forward.

The same shape gives breast implants.

What you should wear:
* All bra models are just good for you!

2. Asymmetrical breast shape:

In this embodiment, the chest to the left and right have different sizes. This is a very common phenomenon. The difference in size is usually 1 number, at most – 2. Causes may be different: injury, illness, menopause, irregular exercise during sport.

What to wear:
* You can take a bra in almost any shape, most importantly – to compensate for the difference in size, the bra must have special inserts.
* Circular cups (seamless cups with a small layer of porous rubber). In this case, you will not need extra funds to adjust the size.
* If your chest size is larger than E, you should choose a model with no tipped bumps of elastic material.
* A perfectly inappropriate model for you is lifting bras – they only more clearly highlight the drawbacks.

3. The conical shape of breasts:

The base of the breast is normal, but a pronounced cone is formed to the nipple. The problem here is that the chest will not fill the cup entirely, as the bra will hang. At the base will sit perfectly, and at the top – no. Most often this form has smaller breasts (not more than C).

What to wear:
* Lifting models. This is absolutely your model. It will help you raise your breasts beautifully and fill the missing space.
* Bra with contoured cups and wide elastic.
* For size C and larger, the models that fit the chest are well suited.
You can also choose a lifting strapless strap pattern that, due to the nature of the cut, tightens the chest, giving it a more rounded shape.
* Sports bra.
* Bras with no edges and underwired are contraindicated – they will make your breasts straightforward.

4. Breasts without volume:

The base of these breasts is smaller than the standard, but the breasts themselves have long mammary glands. This is the main problem – the lack of volume. For this reason, such breasts do not fill the cup of bra fully. Typically, the diameter of the cup is often too broad for this shape of the breast. Because of this, they “get away”, and this is very uncomfortable. The size of this form is usually less than C.

What to wear:
* In principle, a good option may be bras without the underwired, but they do not fully cover the chest. Overall, it is not fatal.
* Again the lifting models come to help. They will help you shape the breasts and fill the missing space.
* Instead of the usual under-wire bras choose models with contour cups.
* Tightening and lifting strapless models, as well as sports bras, help but steal a little of the volume.

5. Breasts “Omega”

These breasts resemble the Omega symbol and are characterized by predominantly large breast sizes – cup D and higher. This form of breast can occur due to wearing the wrong bras. The base is the same size as the rest of the breast. The main difficulty – to choose a model with a big enough cup, which at the same time optimally support the chest.

What to wear:
* Brassieres of 3 or 4 parts (consider details of the pattern) and side inserts for support.
* Brasses with light, not elastic, cups.
* Some of the lifting models.
* Brasses with soft cups without underwired

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