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7-Day Diet – 7 Pounds Less In Just Five Days! Here’s Exactly What I Ate…(photos)

If you want to lose weight quickly, you should pay attention to the right food and the frequency of its intake. This weight loss plan was developed specifically for General Motors employees who wanted to lose weight.

The company supports employees who want to monitor their health. Such a diet will help you lose weight up to 8 pounds for a short time if you do everything right.

The basic rules: Do not skip meals, do not starve. If you want to eat, eat, do not starve!

Effective diet

1. Monday
You eat fruits on Monday. Choose the ones you like the most. Excepts bananas. The best for the diet are apples, oranges, pineapples, watermelons.

Do not forget to drink at least 1.5 liters of water without carbon dioxide

Make fruit salads. The main thing – do not starve.

2. Tuesday
Tuesday is the day of vegetables. They can be eaten raw or cooked. If you cook them do not add butter, oil or salt.

You can eat boiled potatoes once. The most suitable vegetables are carrots, broccoli, celery, cucumbers, pumpkin, spinach, cabbage and eggplant.

Drink water.

3. Wednesday
Eat fruits and vegetables on Wednesday, only eat them separately. You can not eat potatoes and bananas at the same time
We recommend making a fruit salad for breakfast, vegetables for lunch. In the evening eat some favorite fruit.

4. Thursday
On Thursday, eat bananas. For the day you will have to eat about 8 pieces and also drink 3-4 cups of milk.

Drink plenty of water.

5. Friday
– tomato day – Friday. Afternoon – 1 cup of boiled rice. In the morning and evening you should eat 7-8 tomatoes.

Since there will be a lot of uric acid in them, you need to drink plenty of water that day.

6. Saturday
For lunch again rice at the same dose. And continue the diet with fruits and vegetables.

7. Sunday
On Sunday, a small quantity of rice is boiled. Eat all day vegetables. Drink fruit juices. You should drink at least 3 glasses per day.

If you strictly follow these recommendations, the result will amaze you. During the week, some General Motors employees removed 17 pounds. But most of them average about 8 lbs.

It should be remembered that if you have any problems with the digestive system, then all diets are contraindicated for you. Also, you should not stick to this diet for more than a week and take a course more often than once every six months.

Share this wonderful diet with your friends with which you can lose weight quickly and efficiently!

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