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If You Replace Breakfast With This Drink, Abdomen And Love Handles Will Disappear On The Fourth Day!

What a wonderful drink – kefir! Even in ancient times in the Caucasus, it was considered a “gift from heaven” and it was very valuable: there was a belief that fermented milk can not be given or sold to anyone, even for a lot of money.

What is the specificity of this drink and what is different from yogurt? With kefir, you can shorten the duration of any weight loss diet! So we will tell you a little later because we can not pass without mention of its amazing healing power.

Why Kefir is more useful than yogurt

– In the digestive system, kephir acts as an antiseptic, neutralizing the harmful environment.
– During monotonous diets and nutritional constraints, a large amount of harmful elements are often formed in the body that are difficult to break down, and kefir can help
– The drink restores the intestinal microflora after taking antibiotics.
– Using low-fat kefir will help improve liver and pancreas functioning.
– Kefir contains a set of 12 vitamins, including A, B and D – especially needed for pregnant women to develop normal fetal development.
– And for men it’s also very useful: whey proteins help build muscle.

Kefir for weight loss

To get rid of excess weight quickly, nutritionists recommend you include low-fat kefir in your diet. And to get faster results, we recommend using kefir as a green cocktail.

Necessary ingredients for the drink

300 ml kefir
3 branches of parsley
3 sprigs dill
3 branches of coriander
1 cucumber
pinch of salt

How to prepare:

The green spices should be washed thoroughly and then dried together with the cucumber, cut into large pieces.
Then put all ingredients in a shaker (blender) and pour half of Kefir.
Once the mixture has a nice smooth texture, pour the rest of the kefir and stir again.
The finished cocktail is poured into a cup, add salt and pepper to taste.

This drink with refreshing taste would be a nice start to the day and wonderful care for your figure. Kefir cocktail can replace your breakfast or dinner and you will see within a few days immediately a change in your body.

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