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Just 5 Minutes Before Sleep And Forget About Fluffy Thighs! I’m Exercising For Three Weeks And Tomorrow I’m Going To Buy New Jeans

I recently met a friend who had lost a lot of weight in her thighs. I know for sure that she did not go to the gym, so I decided to learn her secret in any way.

A chocolate bribe did the job, and the secret was revealed.

How to lose weight in the hips

The technique, which has a remarkable result, was developed by American trainer Tracey Anderson. Performing a set of exercises is easy, you can do it before going to bed. Success depends on persistence! With my little weight I can not boast of perfect thighs, so I decided to try. The effect was noticed immediately. After about 3 weeks, the muscles tighten and the legs are visually weaker!

These five-minute workouts work well on the back, fore and inner thighs.

Do the exercises on a flat surface. Make it a habit to make them at bedtime, even in pajamas.

Take your initial position: lie down on the back and place your hands on the body, your legs raised, and your toes tightened. Bend both legs to the knees and return to the starting position. It is necessary to create tension in the front of the thigh. If it is difficult, support the body with your hands. Do 10 reps.

If you do everything right, you will feel warmth in your legs and slight numbness.

Relax 20 seconds and get ready to do the second exercise. The starting position is similar to the previous one. Only now the legs bend in succession. Try to pull the heel to the back as much as possible. Repeat 10 times for each leg.

Do not forget to rest after each exercise. To make thighs and presses work at the same time, you should do the following. Lie on your back with legs raised, make strides, take the buttocks surface and stretch the upper legs. This is a relatively complex exercise, starts with 10 reps and gradually increases to 20.

Lie on your back, raise your legs and cross them. They must behave with one another with little pressure. Reinstall your knees aside, try to keep the feet closed, return to the starting position. Do 10 exercises and change the leg that is on top. Repeat 10 more times.

A healthy lifestyle is very important. But not everyone has time and money for fitness with a personal trainer. Weight loss in legs and thighs is more than possible, most importantly, do not be lazy and do it all the time.

Do not forget about proper nutrition!

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