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A Few Lemon, A Few Sips And I Forgot About The Belly Fat And My Self-Confidence Is Back

Today, weight loss has become a real drama, almost no woman who does not dream of a few pounds less and wants to acquire a perfect figure. Many diets lead to a dead end, and from all over you get bonus health problems.

So the question arises, can you lose weight without consequences for your health?

Opinions vary. Any expert will tell you that the diet is harmful to the body. At the same time he will advise you on various healthy low calorie drinks. Do not mix them with powder blends from fitness supplements. They do not have many useful substances as their label and advertising says. We offer you an absolutely safe drink that works for you and your metabolism.

4 Ingredients – 1 Effect

We all know how useful mineral water is. It helps speed up metabolism. Buying quality mineral water, enrich your body with potassium and calcium, iodine and zinc.

In this case, you do not just drink water, but you also use a number of other products. But because of drinking water, the amount of calories you consume is significantly reduced and you lose weight.

For one day in this scenario, you should drink 3 liters of water. And that’s too much for most people, so just before just eating something, drink a glass of the drink we’re going to offer.


1 liter of mineral water
125 g of oatmeal
1 lemon
2 apples


– Cut the peeled apples into small pieces.
– Pour the apples into a blender, pour the water. Add oatmeal. Mix everything well. The mass must be homogeneous. If it is very dense, add some more water.
– Pour the mixture into a separate container. Add lemon juice. Mix it. You should drink 1 liter of drink a day.

The advantages of lemon are known to everyone. This fruit saturates the body with the necessary elements and stimulates metabolism. As for oatmeal, it cleanses the body and improves the digestive tract. In oatmeal there are many antioxidants, vitamins B1 and B2, as well as potassium, phosphorus and iron.

Fast and safe weight loss is what this drink guarantees. It is important to use it daily to achieve the desired result. Drink in the morning and before going to bed, do not try to limit yourself to eating. Simply eliminate excess fat and sweet things.

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