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How to make a quick and easy jam with whole strawberrie

Which is the most delicious jam? The question is complicated. But among the undisputed favorites is definitely strawberry jam

Strawberry jam with whole fruits

There is one disadvantage of strawberry jam with whole fruit. The syrup in it is very liquid. Of course, it can be used and, in extreme cases, the syrup can thicken. But today we will tell you a more interesting way.

Here’s the recipe for a strawberry jam with banana. Bananas should be taken ripe, slightly darkened


1 kg of fresh strawberries
350 g of ripe bananas
500 g of sugar

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Clean the strawberries, wash them under running water and fill them with sugar. If the fruits are too large, cut them half. Leave for 4-7 hours to get the juice.

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Put the fruit of the fire and boil without boiling. Stir, remove the foam and turn off. Wait until the jam has cooled completely and put it on fire again.

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Bananas mash with a fork. Add to the jam and stir.

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Boil strawberry and banana jam after boiling low heat for 15 minutes. Do not forget to remove the foam.

Prepare the jam in dry sterilized jars and rotate the caps. Turn the boxes upside down and cover them with a warm blanket or a leather coat. Keep them cool.

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Keep the sweet in a cool place.

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