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Legs Up The Wall: Gives Your Heart A Rest And Relaxation

Some people can easily perform and learn new positions in yoga and they do it effortlessly. Others have difficulty with yoga exercises and are afraid to start activities of this type. If you belong to the second group of people, but still want to take advantage of the mental and physical benefits of yoga, there are simple exercises that do not require much time and space. One is Viparita Karani. Start with this simple yoga position.

What is Viparita Karani?

Viparita karani, or the position of the legs on the wall, is one of the simplest positions of yoga that almost everyone can do in the comfort of their home. It has become popular with racers, athletes, dancers, because it helps relieve pain and tightness, reduce anxiety and completely relax the mind and body at the end of a long, stressful day or an important event. There are several ways to perform this yoga pose and whoever you choose will depend on your abilities. If you start with the simplest version, that does not mean that the effect is less, yoga is a practice, which means that regular performance of the position will allow you to gradually perform more complicated variations of positives.

Version no. 1 – Legs up the wall

Viparita karani in its simplest form involves lying on the back near the wall so you can raise your legs on it. Foot feet should be facing upwards towards the ceiling, not towards the fingertips. Hands beside you, or folded over your chest.

Version 2 – Legs in a wide “V” shape

Open the deep groin, the same position, instead of moving your legs apart at the distance of the hips, spread them in the V formation. This will tighten the area of ​​the groin.

Version 3 – Mix from the previous two

Finally, for the deepest stretching in the groin areas you can get from this position, turn your knees to the outside and bring your feet toгетхер, while your legs are completely pressed against the wall. Then you can bring your feet close to the pelvic region.

This can be quite intense for your muscles of the groin, and slowly breathe slowly in the nose, so as not to hurt or feel like fighting the situation to achieve this position.

Thanks to legs up the wall positions you can get these benefits

Increases blood flow and reduces inflammation

Viparita Karani helps to increase blood flow and circulation throughout the body, especially after the day of work, where you may sit or stand for long periods of time, allowing the blood to collect. By performing this pose, you help to get the blood that can be joined together in the legs, ankles and feet to circulate through the rest of your body, reducing the swelling that many of us experience at the end of each day. This is also very useful for pregnant women who often face swelling in the ankles and legs.

The mobility of the legs improves and reduces the pain in the lower back

This posture naturally and gently stretches your muscles, which often become cluttered when sitting on a desk all day, leading to lower back pain. With the performance of Viparita Karani, slowly lengthen the loops and relieve the pressure on the lower back.

Stress reduces and stimulates relaxation

Because Viparis Karani reduces pain and increases blood flow, it also relieves you of stress. This stimulation of the parasympathetic nervous system allows your body to move into a more relaxed, calm state. This will not only allow you to reduce inflammation and reduce chronic pain and tension, but it will also give you a better sleep.

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