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If You Have Similar Fatty Balls Under Your Skin, You Must Know These Things:

If you’ve noticed similar formations beneath your skin – fatty balls, usually painless, that gently pressurize, it’s not a bad idea to read more about them:

Typically, sebum balls appear under the skin and are not malignant

They are called “lipomas” and are, inherently, benign growths formed from fatty tissue. They can appear on any part of your body.

They are usually subcutaneous – in practice, these are the most common tumors of soft tissues.

The good news is that lipoma is not of a cancerous nature and generally does not pose a significant health risk.

If in some way, the appearance of fat balls teases you, you could undergo a procedure to eliminate them. However, this procedure is usually not recommended unless it spreads to larger areas of your body, growing, getting larger or causing you pain.

You have to know that the chances of fat balls being degraded into malignancy are minimal.

As already mentioned, the unpleasant fatty balls can occur anywhere on the body. Usually, they occur most often in the neck, chest, upper thighs, armpits, torso or upper arms. The average age of people affected by this problem is between 40 and 60 years.

Usual fat balls are the size of a pea, but can reach up to larger sizes – 3 cm., Even more. They grow quite slowly and are mobile. They are distinguished by a rubber-like consistency in touch.

Depending on the way they are formed, lipomas are several types. What you need to know is that there is not much difference in their composition.

Here are the types of lipomas (fat balls):
Fibrolipoma is composed of fat and fibrous tissue
Adenolipoma – associated with the sweat glands
Simple lipoma – it is the most common and consists of white fat cells
Hibernoma – it is composed of brown adipose tissue
Angiolipoma – consists mainly of blood vessels and fatty tissues
Lipoma of spindle cells – observed in elderly people as males are most often affected by it
Myelolipoma – composed of fats and tissues that build blood vessels
Intradermal spindle cell lipoma – this type of lipoma is most common in female sex representatives
Pleomorphic lipoma – what distinguishes it from other lipomas is that it has different shapes and sizes
Atypical lipoma – It is composed of deeper fats with a large number of cells.

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