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These 7 Products Are Dangerous For Your Heart – Give Them Up

Spanish experts reveal that these foods are the most dangerous for the heart.

According to experts, proper nutrition reduces the risk of developing cardiovascular disease by 70%.

In the first place among the products harmful to the heart is sausage. It contains a record amount of harmful saturated fats that negatively affect the cardiovascular system. There may be an excess of sodium in meat products.

Experts have also included bacon in the list of foods dangerous for the heart. It contains about 58% of the total fat needed by humans, of which more than 20% are saturated.

“Another additional problem with fatty foods is that they are very tasty and therefore it is very difficult for people to limit themselves to a moderate portion,” says nutrition expert Susanna Leon.

In third place in danger are soluble soups. They have too much salt and also refined sugar in the form of starch or maltodextrin.

The list also includes alcohol, cheap cheese for sandwiches, chips, and energy drinks.


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