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Why You Should Eat Pistachio Before Going To Bed?

There is hardly anyone who has not tried pistachio. Most people, however, think that pistachio is just an addition to some alcoholic beverages

Yes, not everyone knows that these delicious nuts have some special health benefits.

In Persia, for example, more than 2,000 years ago, pistachio nuts were considered a symbol of wealth and prosperity.

Small, salty, delicious – many of us just adore this nut without even suspecting its almost magical properties and features that will surprise you!

Pistachios are not one of the most nutritious nuts, but they have tremendous nutritional value for the body. Many are afraid to eat nuts in the evening or during diets because they worry that it will affect their figure badly. Pistachios are not only recommended, but they are even useful to consume before bedtime without fear of bulging or excess calories being deposited at night in the most prominent places in the body!

Pistachios – not just delicious and fun to eat, but also very useful kernel

Before you understand why it is advisable to eat pistachios before going to bed, let’s say something about the benefits of these nuts.

Pistachios are very nutritious, with a 1-ounce (28 grams or serving of about 49 pistachios) containing:

– Calories: 159.
– Carbohydrates: 8 grams.
– Fiber: 3 grams.
– Protein: 6 grams.
– Fat: 13 grams (90% is unsaturated fat).
– Potassium: 6% of the recommended daily intake.
– Phosphorus: 11% of the recommended daily intake.
– Vitamin B6: 28% of the recommended daily intake.
– Thiamine: 21% of the recommended daily intake.
– Copper: 41% of the recommended daily intake.
– Manganese: 15% of the recommended daily intake.

In particular, pistachio nuts are one of the richest in vitamin B6 foods.

Vitamin B6 is important for several bodily functions, including the regulation of blood sugar and the formation of hemoglobin, a molecule that carries oxygen to red blood cells.

Pistachios are also rich in antioxidants. Of all nuts, pistachios have the highest content of lutein and zeaxanthin – very important antioxidants for eye health.

These tasty green nuggets are low in calories but high in protein. They are actually calorie negative. This means that in order for the body to absorb nuts, it will consume more energy than it gives the product itself.

Regular eating of pistachios guarantees a better gut microflora (due to the presence of fiber). In addition, blood pressure and cholesterol will be reduced and blood vessels will have better health if the small green kernel is consumed regularly.

Pistachio can be eaten before bed!

They contain folic acid, biotin – vitamin H, B7, unsaturated fats, magnesium and many other beneficial substances that will have a tonic effect on the body. Nuts are recommended for chronic fatigue: if you have trouble sleeping, if you fall asleep poorly if you are anxious even when you are sleeping, then pistachio is what even the doctor will recommend. They improve the quality of sleep and give a feeling of satiety. The only condition is to eat raw pistachio, not roasted and salty.

What happens if you eat pistachio regularly?

If you eat a handful of this product daily, then over time, your emotional state will improve, sleep will be healthier, the weight will go down (with proper nutrition and adherence to sports and recreation), blood sugar levels will normalize. The pistachio nut is simply mandatory for people suffering from diabetes.

Of course, all this will happen if you are moderate in consumption! More useful are, as already mentioned, the raw unpeeled nuts. First, the value and saturation of the macro- and trace elements in them are higher. And second, namely, the cleaning process of pistachios is a factor that will help to control the amount of eating. A small handful is sufficient for the body at bedtime.

In addition, the nuts can be added to the arugula salad, spinach, and lettuce, or to prepare porridge, such as oatmeal, with the addition of pistachio. Keep in mind that pistachios are not only an addition to desserts, ice creams, and salads but also to soups.

Keep in mind that this product, among other things, stimulates the production of melatonin, which is responsible not only for engaging wakefulness and sleep, but also protects us from stress, early aging and all diseases, including cancer.

Instead of a conclusion: pistachios are a powerful natural immunomodulator. They should be eaten not only because they are delicious, but most of all because they have the most benefit and almost no harm.


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