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Say Goodbye To Varicose Veins Forever With The Use Of This Oil!

Marigold is a herb, that originates from India. Most of the magical rituals around the world have been done exactly with this herb. The color of marigold is extremely beautiful in its simplicity.

It has been discovered, that this herb has the ability to purify blood vessels, soothe and reduce blood cholesterol levels, especially in combination with dandelion and hawthorn.

The latest research has found, that marigold reduces blood pressure and acts as a mild sedative as it relaxes the blood vessels, so it is also recommended for angina pectoris.

How to make the oil from marigold:

Collect 50 flowers of marigold and wash them, that dry out of the water, and dip them in a large jar with a liter of olive oil.

Close the container and leave it for 4 to 5 weeks in the sunlight. Then the oil is filtered.

Use it to treat burns, to relieve varicose veins, to treat hurt skin from the sun.

You can also make an ointment against varicose veins:

Heat half a pound of pig fat on low heat. When it is completely dissolved, add two handfuls of marigold flowers and a handful of dry, green, wild chestnuts. Remove the mixture from the stove when it starts foaming and stir it for 5 more minutes.

Leave it in a cool place to stay for 24 hours. After the time has passed, place on low heat while stirring until it is completely melted. Strain through gauze and pour into a clean and dry glass jar with good coverage.

Store in a dark and dry place.

Apply the mixture on the varicose veins each night before you go to sleep, without a massage, from top to bottom. Furthermore, drink tea for cleaning to help in the process of healing.

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