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5 Foods That Will Protect You From the Virus and Boost Your Immunity

The arrival of autumn can be a real stress for the body. Dark rainy days not only cause depression but also severely affect our immune system. Wet cold weather is ideal for the development of many diseases. So I managed to catch a cold on the first cool day. In order not to repeat this, I decided to eat foods for high immunity.

They were once recommended to me by a well-known doctor. He said that they contain everything necessary for our body to withstand seasonal viruses. And some of the ingredients work well with a bad mood. I remember not being ill for a whole year then. And the children from the kindergarten did not bring anything more serious than a cold. We must resume the practice, otherwise many diseases await us. And I advise you to do the same!

What foods should you eat to improve immunity?

A small handful of nuts in the morning will definitely give you energy. They contain a lot of protein, as well as a whole range of vitamins, fiber, and healthy fats. This is a great breakfast between meals. Regular consumption of nuts significantly increases the body’s resistance to viruses.

Cottage cheese
And you can eat this product at any time of the day. The curd turns into a delicious breakfast: pudding, cheesecake, or pancakes. It will also help to satisfy hunger even late in the evening because it is easily and completely absorbed without leaving a burden on the stomach.

Cottage cheese is low in calories and its fat-burning properties make it number one in diets. And a large amount of calcium is generally an indispensable product in the human diet. It also strengthens the immune system. A real miracle!

Folic acid, which is found in leafy vegetables, promotes the production of serotonin. We used to call it the “hormone of happiness.” Responsible for our good mood. Thus, by eating vegetables, we fight the autumn depression.

Try making vegetable salads with fresh herbs every day. Such a dinner will fill your body with some of the necessary vitamins and help you lose weight. And a slender woman in a mirror is able to cheer up better than all the hormones.

There are few sunny days in the fall and that is why our body begins to feel the lack of vitamin D. In addition to vitamin A, it’s responsible for protecting the body from colds and other diseases. And, of course, for the mood. So you need to eat more mushrooms.

They are high in vitamin D and low in calories. An interesting feature of mushrooms is their long-term digestion. So after a plate of mushroom soup, the feeling of satiety will stay with you for a long time.

Bananas are a worthy substitute for sweets. Unlike candies, they will bring you huge benefits. Magnesium reduces stress levels and improves sleep. Bananas also contain many useful amino acids that are involved in the production of serotonin and melatonin. If autumn blues haunts you, eat some fruit.

Proper nutrition has always been the key to well-being. Add to this regular exercise, healthy sleep, and a positive attitude – and then any disease will surround you. Be healthy!

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