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Tennis Balls Aren’t Just for Tennis – Here Are 12 Uses Around the Home

Tennis balls are one of those items that can be found in almost every home. They’re popular with the kids, the dogs chew on them, and you keep them on hand for when you have free time to play a pickup game.

These fluorescent little balls, however, can be used for a lot more than just fun. Their soft, fluffy shells and gripping inside make them the ideal tool for a variety of household tasks. With these small sports balls, you can remove scuff marks, create wonderfully fluffy (and static-free) sheets, and always park in the right space in the garage.

Are you interested in finding out what you can do with tennis balls around the house? Take a look at the list below!

1. Tennis ball dryer balls
This may seem strange, but it’s actually rather simple! Wrap a tennis ball in aluminum foil. Static electricity is reduced while generating fluffier, faster-drying laundry using the manner indicated in the photo below.

2. Doorstop
To prop your door open, place a tennis ball between the door and the door frame. Allow a pleasant air in or simply leave it open so the kids can come and go. It’s an easy and quick fix!

3. Remove any scuff marks
Is it possible to play tennis with a tennis ball? Yes, this is true! The soft fuzzy surface protects your flooring from scratches thanks to its soft fuzzy surface.

4. Massager
Stick a couple of tennis balls in a sock on the ground and lie down on top of it. The balls’ roundness makes it easier to move over them and massage out any kinks, and the pressure can help relieve some pain.

5. Never hammer too hard again
Is it possible for a hammer to be soft? With the help of a tennis ball, it can now! To begin, make an “X” into the tennis ball with an Exacto knife.

Insert the hammer’s head into the “X.” Because the tennis ball generates friction, you don’t have to worry about damaging harm by hammering too hard.

6. Protect that outdoor padlock
This method will make a significant difference in the performance of your lock. During the chilly winter months and wet days, your lock will be completely protected, keeping rust at bay.

7. Jar opener
Do you have a difficult-to-open jar? Yes, a tennis ball can assist you!

8. Avoid scratching your floors
Cut open tennis balls and stick them to the legs of heavy furniture if you’re transporting it about your house. That way, you won’t have to raise the furniture or risk damaging the floors as you move it throughout the house.

9. Always park in the right spot in the garage
This tip will come in handy if you have problems parking in your garage. You won’t park too far in or out if you use the tennis ball.

10. Babyproof corners
Reach for tennis balls if you have some extra-sharp corners that could damage your child. Here’s how to keep your children safe:

11. Windshield wiper protectors
Keep tennis balls in your car to prop up your windshield wipers and keep them from becoming ice during the winter or when you go away for a few days.

12. Get rid of cobwebs
Do you have high ceilings with cobwebs that you can’t seem to get rid of? Try putting a tennis ball inside a long sock (knee-highs or even pantyhose) and swinging the sock’s end toward the cobwebs. The webs will attach to the fabric, providing a tidy corner.

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