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Tennis Balls Aren’t Just for Tennis – Here Are 12 Uses Around the Home

Tennis balls are one of those items that can be found in almost every home. They’re popular with the kids, the dogs chew on them, and you keep them on hand for when you have free time to play a pickup game. These fluorescent little balls, however, can be used for a lot more than just fun. Their soft, fluffy shells and gripping inside make them the ideal tool for a variety of …

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Don’t Toss Out Your Coffee Grounds. Here Are 10 More Ways To Use Them At Home

Are you one of the millions who can’t start the morning without a cup of coffee? You know how to brew the perfect cup and taste every drop. But what to do with those leftover coffee grounds? You probably throw them straight in the trash, right? Well, stop that right now because there are a dozen ways to recycle these coffee grounds to get more than your money’s worth for them. Not only …

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Banana Ginger Smoothie To Help Burn Stomach Fat

There is a huge range of health and weight loss supplements on the market today. Some of these supplements are not effective and are harmful in many cases. That’s why consumers are turning to natural remedies to help them maintain a healthy weight and fight obesity. Naturopathic doctors spotted some herbs, fruits, and vegetables to help re-balance the body. These health advocates are stating that the body is designed to return to normal …

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5 Amazing Health Benefits of Frozen Blueberries

Berries grown organically are good for your overall health. They’re packed with vitamins, but can you make them twice as healthy? Whether you believe it or not, you are capable of doing so. According to several research, freezing the berries is not only not terrible, but it is also better, and they are much healthier to eat. Keep in mind, however, that this only applies to organic berries. When organic berries are refrigerated …

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13 Great Acupuncture Points to Use Everyday – To Boost Your Metabolism and Accelerate Weight Loss

Acupressure is an ancient form of massaging points on your body to help with the flow of energy, according to traditional Chinese medical theory. By pressing some of the points of the energy meridian on your body, you can make the flow of energy even again and help your body work better. This practice is almost 2000 years old and the experience of many people proves that it can help with weight loss. …

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