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Do you having trouble sleeping? If so, these yoga poses can assist! They have been proven to activate the parasympathetic nervous dystem, which helps to neutralize stress and promote relaxation. By calming the mind, slows the heart rate and relieving tension … sleeping gets a lot easier.       1. Jathara Parivartanasana 2. Supta Baddha Konasana 3. Viparita Karani 4. Locust Pose 5. Upavistha Konasana 6. Shavasana – Corpse Pose We hope you …

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Cancer Treatment with Sodium Bicarbonate according to Dr. Simoncini and Jim Kelmun

Usual cancer treatment costs around $100. 000. Natural methods cost nothing and don’t hurt the patient’s body plus  perform much better. That’s the reason why patients choose natural ways to fight cancer. In the following lines you can read about cancer survivors that have used Sodium Bicarbonate only and some combined with maple syrup. Be as it may, cancer is a hard illness to cure and the treatment should be at all times …

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She Coated Her Hair With Potato Water And Solved One Of The Biggest Problems Women Face

Potato hair dye! You should try! Well people, believe it or not there is a potato hair dye. Nothing more natural and fast, not to mention Cheap! Even though we frequently go to the hair dresser’s, spend money and waste our time, our hair still gets greyer .No one likes it, that’s for sure. This is what we are talking about all the time. Luckily there is a remedy for everything, even for …

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Warning! 7 food products to NEVER reheat! They are a real threat to you and your loved ones (if reheated)

Don’t we all want to keep our food and have the leftovers either because we don’t want to cook the next day or maybe because it’s our favorite meal? But do we know what may and may not be reheated and why not? Here are the top seven foods you are never to reheat Spinach Eat only when fresh cooked. Nitrates transform into Nitrites when spinach is heated again. Nitrites are cancer causing …

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Believe It or Not, Use Only Frozen Lemons And Say Goodbye To Tumors, Diabetes and Cholesterol!!!

This interesting way of using lemons came from a creative mother. She tried it spontaneously and it became quite the spice she needed. She uses it on salads, tea, soup, spaghetti, noodles, oats, desserts, rice and it tastes great with all of them. Not only is it great as spice, it has incredible healing powers too. What more can anyone want? Lemons like all the other citrus fruits are consisted of limonoids and …

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