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LEMON WATER CHALLENGE: Drink a Glass of Lemon Water for 28 Days and You will experience an unimaginable CHANGES !

Test yourself if you can endure the experiment and you will be delighted with the results Famous American advocate of healthy living Danette May announced the video on the portal Youtube, with the desire to cause more people  join her experiment. It is a challenge with lemon, which lasts 28 days, and delivers excellent results on several levels. The lemon is alkaline food, and because of this trait,it has the power to clear …

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If You Still Go to Starbucks Get Ready to Never Want To Again

Well there is no coffee like Starbucks coffee, if you are a Starbucks fan that is… They are great at advertising coffee and putting their own on the spot light. It is for many years the most famous brand throughout the world. Their coffeehouse chain is the largest in the world imagine 23.187coffee stores in 64 countries. The business grows every year with annual sales of $14.9 billion. The CEO Howard Shultz has …

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Pour flowers with water from boiled potatoes! See why!

Caring for houseplants is a good thing for any home. They are natural way adorn our home, while absorbing carbon dioxide and enrich the air with oxygen. To nurture their soil, they do not need to resort to expensive and strong detergents. This task can do the most ordinary means that you are at hand. Chilled water in which you boiled potatoes or pasta can serve for watering potted flowers. The nutrients contained …

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Is white sugar really that unhealthy?

Many times we have heard that white sugar is bad for our health. But why and how bad it is scientifically confirmed? For now, conventional and alternative medicine agree with the fact that white sugar … – A source of empty calories (does not contain minerals and vitamins, but is rich in calories) – promotes weight gain – causes tooth decay – has a high glycemic index (rapidly raises blood sugar levels) However, alternative medicine …

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Only 7-day drink 2 cups of this cheap drink and you’ll have the perfect waist, which you’ve always dreamed

This new drink, who have tried many women around the world are promising quick and visible results and help you, if you are unhappy with fat accumulated around the waist. This inexpensive mixture of ingredients, acts to remove excess oil and water from the body. Meanwhile juice improves brain, vision and memory. What are you waiting for? Mix these three ingredients: You need 2 tablespoons honey, 2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar and 1 …

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