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The character according to shape of the nails

A rectangular nail You simply can not cancel anything new, whether it comes to perfume, cosmetic or otherwise. By nature you are optimistic and enjoy life permanently. You know how to deduce and learn from everything that happens around you. If you set a goal, you’ll probably achieve it. Adverse conditions may only delay the path to it, but not to stop you. Trapezoidal nails You are not accustomed to doubt in your …

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Diet for the lazy: The juice,which drink only five days, but weakened 3 kg

For those of you who are lazy and do not want to engage with a special diet and strict diet, finally there is a solution – juice that will lose weight by 3 kg ( 6 pounds) in just 5 days. Without much effort and expensive ingredients, prepare this juice for burning calories. It necessary: 60 g parsley 1 lemon 230 ml of water Preparation: Cut the parsley and squeeze lemon juice. Place …

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Proven: In just eight minutes a day you will have a perfect belly!

You’ve always dreamed flat belly ? It’s not so hard to achieve, but it is necessary regularity. Video, which we present to you, talk about how to properly do the exercises for this part of the body. The result can be achieved only if you exercise regularly. This aerobic exercise stimulates the capillaries in this area, which leads to increased blood flow in that area. Greater blood flow means a higher concentration of oxygen and burn …

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How To Get Rid Of Pain In The Legs, Back And Joint Pain In Just 7 Days

This recipe is a miracle, if you have back pain, joints and legs. Necessary – 150 g gelatin In the evening – put 150 g ( 2 tablespoon) gelatin in a quarter cup of cold water, good stir and let stand until the morning. The mixture overnight will turn into jelly,and in the morning you can add juice or water with honey and drink it on empty stomach After a week significantly reduced pain

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Salt Lemonade – Natural remedy against headache

Usually when we have a headache immediately reach for the pills. Perhaps at this point to solve the problem, but if it happens often only can create a new problem. Pills such as healing, they are so harmful to the body, because they are composed of various chemicals with strong action. Headaches can be a very uncomfortable and makes it difficult for the normal functioning Instead of immediately make a combination of pills, …

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