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Honey miracle recipe for long and happy life, transmitted by 95-year-old beekeeper

95-year-old uncle Georgi Todorov from Plovdiv is a true legend among beekeepers in Bulgaria. 25 years as chairman of the beekeeping company “Acacia-1899”, which have membership of around 100 people. Remarkably, this stately old uncle George continues to care very own 140 hives located in two distant fields. One of his apiary in the village of Turkmen, Brezovsko. And the other – in the village Smilets, Strelcha Municipality. Uncle Georgi strictly follow a …

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Make your own: Garlic oil for incredible medication!

Peel the garlic cloves and make an incredibly effective natural remedy. Place in a glass jar and add pure unrefined sunflower oil, then place in refrigerator. The next day, drain one tablespoon of lemon juice and add oil of garlic, then stir. Drink three times a day half an hour before meals. The treatment lasts 1-3 months and after a month-long pause can be repeated. Removes the plaques from blood vessels, chronic heart …

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Proven Recipe of prof. Mermerski against back pain

The main symptom of the disease called discopathy is acute back pain, localized mainly in the lower part of the spine, but sometimes the pain occupies and the whole back. If you suffer from discopathy you should  read and use these recipes of famous professor Mermerski, which deals with the treatment of disease by using the power of nature. Prescription 1 To prepare of the drug you will need a potato and an onion. …

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How to make the most effective natural antibiotic against infections and say “Goodbye” to medications!

This recipe over time became an integral part of traditional medicine with great natural antibiotic that kills the bacteria. The recipe has spread in the period when ruled a number of infections and epidemics, so that the treatment of a cold or flu is guaranteed. This liquid antibiotic effectively cleanses the body of toxins, kills harmful bacteria, fights fungal infections and viruses and stimulates blood circulation in the body, and this plant also successfully …

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