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Magnesium – 9 Warning Symptoms Of Deficiency That Should Not Be Neglected!

Our body needs magnesium, to function properly. So this mineral is vitally important to our health. All organs of the body, especially the heart, muscles, and kidneys need magnesium, to function properly. It has been proven that 300 metabolic processes that occur in the human body require magnesium. If the body does not have magnesium, it will show symptoms like: – fatigue, weakness – heart rhythm disturbances – muscle cramps or spasms – …

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Cucumber Melts Fat Deposits, Protects The Kidneys, And You Should Eat It Every Day

It is abundant with water and nutrients, and it has low calorie, so it is a perfect recommendation for those who struggle with excess weight, diabetes, digestive problems … Because it refreshes the body and does not cause a feeling of weight in the stomach, cucumber is one of the most consumed foods around the world. The most famous is the one with dark-green peel, but there are several varieties of different colors, …

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Take Black Pepper And Cure A Migraine, Improve Digestion And Cleanse The Mucus

In folk medicine pepper is used for better digestion of food in the body, in neuralgia and rheumatic pain. The water in which the peppers are cooked is an ingredient in medicines for the treatment of gastric diseases. Pepper tea is recommended for angina, stomatitis, and also for intestinal infections. Cleans the body. It dissolves lymph, has antitoxic properties. It restores nerves and the mind and is very useful against nervous diseases. Also, …

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Asparagus Is A Highly Alkaline Food For Scrubbing Out The Kidneys, Bladder And Protecting Liver Health

Asparagus is a vegetable that can be counted in the same family as leeks, garlic, onions, and lily, and can be found all year round. As we know, the asparagus is greenish, but there is another underground variety that is white. Because of the rarity and low production, this sort of asparagus is very expensive. It is rich in protein, a small number of calories, carbohydrates and at the same time an extremely …

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Signs of Mold Illness No One Should Ignore

Does your roof leak? Do you pay attention at all to the dampness in your home? This issue can easily cause some major problems. Toxic mold has a huge impact on the human health, causing a huge number of symptoms such as vertigo, fatigue and rashes. Unfortunately these symptoms are mistaken by many people, and they are not even aware of the toxic mold exposure. Mostly people who suffer from mold exposure, believe …

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