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18 Health Issues That Castor Oil Helps Better Than Medicines

Castor oil is used for thousands of years and people are accustomed to its use, although in the last one hundred years its popularity has decreased significantly and many people have stopped using it. Let us try to revive its use because it is useful not only as a laxative, but it has so many different uses that it is good to know it. Take 5 drops of castor oil in the morning …

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Manuka Honey Is Killing Every Kind Of Bacteria Scientists Throw At It, Even The Super-Bugs

The health benefits of raw, unprocessed honey are well known, but in Australia, scientists recently made a startling discovery – that one particular, obscure type of honey is capable of killing just about everything scientists throw at it, including some of the worst bacteria known to man. The findings were published in the European Journal of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (June 2009 edition), and could hold special significance at a time when …

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Watermelon Effectively Hydrates, Detoxifies And Cleanses The Entire Body On A Cellular Level

During the hot days, nothing can refresh and compensate the lost liquid as a piece of juicy watermelon. So use the watermelon season to cleanse the organism from poisoning, solve health problems, or take out a kilo of excess. But keep in mind, when you cut it in a refrigerator, you can store it for up to four days. In addition to water and sugar, in watermelon, there is vitamin A, vitamin C, …

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Guava Contains 4x More Vitamin C Than An Orange, And 10x More Vitamin A Than A Lemon

The Guava is an extremely healthy, vitamin-filled tropical fruit. The Guava fruits, with edible seeds and rind, are round, oval or pear-shaped. So they also can be white, pink, yellow and even red in different varieties. For centuries, these incredible fruits have also been known for even their own sweet and tangy flavour, and they can be used in many various ways and are even deemed “magical” because of the variety of vitamins …

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Mango: Side Effects and How to Eat It, Proven Benefits

  Well, frankly speaking, the mango needs no introduction. Belonging to the genus Mangifera (scientific name of mango is Mangifera indica) which contains numerous tropical fruit trees (which are grown to obtain edible fruit), the mango is native to South Asia. It is the national fruit of India, Pakistan and the Philippines and also the national tree of Bangladesh. The mango is available in many varieties, but the most popular among all (yes, you …

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