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My father died from a stroke. A pity I did not know about this first aid before…….

Misinformative email flier claims pricking a stroke victim’s fingers and ear lobes with a pin or needle until they bleed will relieve symptoms of paralysis, restore consciousness, and allow the patient to be safely moved. Email example: With needle can save a patient’s life by a stroke. This advice is from a Chinese professor. Keep in your house needle or needle from the syringe. This is an incredible and innovative way for the …

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Amazing Discovery Endemic Fruit Kills Cancer In Minutes!

Finally something truly powerful and natural that kills cancer fast without the long ordeal millions go through. Yes, now there is hope for cancer patients to heal faster than ever! Namely, Australian scientists accidentally found out an endemic tree and discovered that the fruit can have amazing results in cancer treatment. This was done after they monitored the animals that ate these strange berries and spat the seeds out. This is what tackled …

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If You Often Have Bloating, These Are Warning Signs You Shouldn’t Ignore

When a person has overeaten, or is lactose intolerant, there may be cases swollen belly and  it’s not so serious. However, bloating can causes cancer. How to know the difference? Take a look at some of the diagnoses associated with dangerous and severe flatulence. Weight loss If you lose weight suddenly and you have not changed your diet or physical activity, this is something that should bother you. May be a warning for …

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114 year old man reveals five things that he eats every day and thanks to them has a good memory and health

The Brazilian native Bernardo la Palla enjoys good health and memory Nobody would believe that Bernardo la Palla was born on August 17, 1901, but so far has been in good physical condition and is among wits. From an early age Bernardo decided he wanted to live long and happily. Therefore,he is stocked with willpower, which many would envy. Doctors studied the centenarian, they say he is in a much better condition than …

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Cannabis treats leukemia – Doctors Make Public a teenage case study

This is a detailed study, conducted recently in Toronto Canada by Dr. Yadvinder Singh, MD and Chamandeep Bali, ND This study proves that if cannabis in the form of “hemp oil” is given to Leukemic patients it can treat this disease effectively. It can also help against other types of cancer. The teenager was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia with a Philadelphia chromosome mutation. The chromosome mutation makes it even more destructive. The …

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