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A Home-Made Miracle, Which Protects You Against Many Diseases – From Cold To Lung Disease

This liquid assists in atherosclerosis, lung diseases, impotence, problems with sinusitis, high pressure, gastritis, hemorrhoids, and helps to problems with vision and hearing. To make it you need 350 grams of garlic and 200 milliliters of 95 percent alcohol or rum. If you decide to prepare with alcohol, be careful not to contain methanol or benzal chloride. Preparation – Clean the garlic and crush it. Mix with alcohol and pour into a glass …

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With These Six Easy Tricks You Won’t Have To Shave As Often. I’ll Definitely Remember Them!

For those who believe that wax or epilation is too painful, the only option is shaving. But shaving every second or third day can become quite annoying after some time. That’s why today we offer you a few tricks that will help you to increase the time for the next shave, and also your skin will be smooth and soft a while longer. * Immerse the razor in hot water before shaving. Heating …

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This Hair Mask Has Only 2 Ingredients And In One Week Your Hair Will Go Crazy!

If you have alopecia or hair loss, you should no longer worry. We only have something you need – the perfect natural remedy that can stop hair loss and increase your hair growth and density in a very short time! The best part is that the medicine is completely natural, no toxins, and you can easily prepare it for the comfort of your own home. This home mask contains vitamins E, K, C, …

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How To Get Rid Of The Redness Of The Hips In The Summer?

After a long walk in the heat when the body sweats more, friction arises in the inner thighs and appears redness, and sometimes sores. The more fluffy people suffer from it, but this is not uncommon and also happens to the weaker ones. If you have encountered this problem and you do not know how to help, there are several ways: Stick against sweating This stick is not only useful for the armpits. …

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An Ancient Russian Recipe Removes Forever The Unwanted Hair On The Face And Body

Did you know that there is a solution to the biggest problem of women? Russian recipe for homemade hair removal gradually and permanently solves the problem of unwanted hair Namely, they begin to decline, and after a few months completely disappear. Facial hair is a particularly unpleasant aesthetic problem. This recipe can be used equally to remove hair on the face and body. In addition, follow the recipe. Ingredients required: Several walnut shells …

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