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How to Remove Unwanted Hair From the Face In A Natural Way: Epilation At Home!

In this article we consider folk methods epilation facial hair at home, which are equally effective. 1.) Domestic means of hair removal with baking soda. This procedure is necessary to carry out in the evening before bedtime. Mix 1 tablespoon of baking soda with 200 ml boiling water, stir and leave to cool. Soak a in the mixture a small piece of cotton or gauze and put on the areas where you have …

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Easily remove calluses on feet

These natural products will help you to remove the coarse growths on the soles and will contribute to the acquisition of a more smooth and soft skin. Here’s how you can make home method for effective removal of calluses from feet. Ingredients: Lemon Onion Pinch of salt Cut the onion into thin slices. Take one of them and sprinkle a with a few drops of lemon juice and a pinch of salt (possibly …

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Killer of black dots on the face – act immediately!

If you really want to have soft and smooth skin without spending a lot of funds from the family budget fortune on beauty products?, we suggest you try this simple and very effective homemade mask. Honey  will help to remove bacteria and shrinking pores, thereby gives greater vitality, elasticity and freshness. Baking soda serves as a natural exfoliating agent which reduces the irritation of the skin and stimulates blood circulation. This natural product helps …

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Remove nail fungus with a very easy recipe

If you have spots on nails or deformed nails, this can result from a fungal infection. To find out whether is indeed the case, however primarily is necessary to make a microbiological study to confirm the presence of nail fungus. You can use the following recipe for a natural treatment. Before going to sleep put pure honey (candied) on nails and around Then cover them with plastic foil .. At the top, put …

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7 year old boy shows to us what to do if our friend is sick with cancer

Learn for Vincent Butterfield and Zac Gossage two first graders from Union, Missouri. A look at this interview at news station WTNH News 8 from Connecticut and will immediately becomes clear that these two boys are best friends. Since in July last year Zack was diagnosed with lymphoblastic leukemia – an aggressive cancer of the blood. In him white and red blood cells are fighting, “said Vincent for WTNH News 8 That what …

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