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He Refused Chemo-therapy, Lived More Than His Doctors and Today He Is 102 Years Old – This man has finally found the cure for cancer!

Today, we will present you an incredible life story about a person who was suffering from terrible disease. At 60 years of life, this man was diagnosed with lung cancer, but he did not surrender and began looking for a cure for this terrible illness. Several doctors told him he would die for six months and immediately have to undergo chemotherapy. He refused radiation and returned to his homeland in Greece. At first …

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Your Body Warns That You Have Kidney Problems – So Pay Attention Until It Is Too Late!

Our minds process tons of information continuously. Our bodies, on the other hand, perform thousands of actions. In this fast-paced life, we can easily miss some important messages that our body sends us. The consequences of not communicating and responding to these signals can be fatal, says BrightSide. In the following rows, we’ll show you a list of signs that might suggest that you have kidney problems. Do not ignore them and, if …

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5 Easy Ways To Remove Scratches From Glasses

As much as we care about glasses, sometimes grease and scratches seem to appear out of nowhere. We’re not sure how that’s possible, but we’re sure it irritates us too. The glasses are not cheap and the last thing we want is to have no scratches on them. That is why today we present you fast, simple, and most importantly cheap ways to remove scratches from glasses. 1. Sodium bicarbonate and water Mix …

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Did You Know That The Shape of Your Legs Can Tell You What You Are In A Relationship

When a man looks for some time in a lady who attracts attention, he often tries to find out more about her. From her looks, to her interests. By understanding the body language and human anatomy, we can get a clear idea of what women think or have against us. In today’s article we will talk about how the shape of the woman’s legs can tell a lot about her. You will be …

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My Sister Sprinkled Some Salt On The Window Sill, And When I Understood Why, I Immediately Did It!

Windows have a magical ability to attract luck, to evade evil forces and to bring harmony to the occupants of the home. But their unusual properties must be triggered by ourselves. Here’s how it works: – in order to be lucky in the house, the windows must have white curtains. They will protect us from evil forces, spells, enemies. If for some reason you do not want your curtains to be white, then …

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