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This Is The Flower Which Can Save Your Life, And You Are Only Using It To Decorate The Garden

A powerful flower called Buganvilia, in other countries is also known as Santa Rita, Veranera or Trinitaria, these names are given to the region to which it belongs,but in the end it is the same plant and maybe you did not know that this plant, which we normally used to decorate our homes, could save lives. Let’s talk a little about this plant, Buganvilia is a beautiful climbing plant or tangled type, which …

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Johnson & Johnson Ordered to Pay $417 Million In Lawsuit Linking Baby Powder to Cancer

The lawsuit was filed by Eve Echeveria because, as she put it in the lawsuit, Johnson & Johnson Powdered Baby Products did not warn consumers about possible cancer risks. The court in Los Angeles ruled yesterday that Johnson & Johnson had to pay a $ 417 million to a woman who claimed she had ovarian cancer after the regular use of baby powder from that company. Her lawyer, Mark Robinson, said his client …

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12-Yr-Old Left In Coma After School Beating. But When He Wakes, Mom Shares His First 2 Words

In today’s society, abuse is a major problem affecting people of all ages. The problem is even more a problem in schools. Many little children are subject to violence every day and go to extraordinary lengths to avoid it. Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, recognized abuse as a serious epidemic and went further than creating a video to entrust others to oppose abuse. All children should feel safe in a schoolroom that is …

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Watch: Production Of Fake Pepsi Cola Caught On Camera

Today people do not know what they are buying, there are many false products, such as: products for beauty, fake rice, fake meat, face bags and much more. Despite all these types of false products, people still tend to continue to buy them. Even if it is not your intention; Still, in the end you have become victims of these manufacturers. In a video recorded in an unknown garage in Baghdad in Iraq, …

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