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Sudden Unexpected Death at Night – How to Avoid It

Warning to all persons who usually get up at midnight or early in the morning to urinate: It should take note of the “3 half minutes apart.” Why is this so important? This will greatly decrease the risk of unexpected death. Often we are witnesses that a person who looks very healthy, died suddenly in the night. The fact is that when a person wakes up in the middle of the night and …

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17, Reportedly Dies From Hickey His 24-Year-Old Girlfriend Gave Him

17-year-old Julio Gonzalez from Mexico was suddenly fell ill during the dinner with his family and suddenly faints. When paramedics arrived, they discovered the “purple” hickey on Julio’s neck. – how such a young and perfectly healthy person can die? Doctors say, that this can happen, after he meets with his girlfriend and got a “purple” hickey: This passionate lady made “purple” on the human carotid artery … Doctors claim that stroke provoked …

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This photo made real furor on the Internet. How can be changed a woman thanks to makeup?

A talented young girl from Ohio showed complete transformation with makeup and her picture has become a viral sensation on the Web Kelsey decided to do only one half of her face, although she claims, that she never wears so much makeup, however,she wanted to show her power with the brush Fully covered freckles, eyebrows and makeup eyes How a woman can change with makeup? The picture, which is the perfect answer to …

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I saw this on television: Put aluminum foil under the lid of the pan and after five minutes eat with handfuls in front of TV!

There is nothing better than a bowl crunchy popcorn, while watching a movie. We often resort to packet for microwave oven. But few know that this product is a serious threat to our body. The fact that microwave popcorn contain chemical ingredient – diacetyl. Evaporation takes during processing, it enters into the lungs and damage them. Today we offer simple trick that you will quickly have a delicious homemade popcorn without using microwaves. …

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For this family, there is no remedy – They have been sentenced to such life till death

The Family That Walks On All Fours Family of five from Turkey walks on their arms and legs. They unfortunately are ridiculed. This story is about three sisters and two brothers, which they live in isolation and do not go out among the people. Even being called the family “mysterious”, trying to prove that they are an example of reverse evolution. But still it comes to very rare inherited disease in the development …

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