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The Woody Harrelson Video Message The Mainstream Media Does Not Want You To Watch (Video)

“We live in a totally corrupt world where every government is just a bunch of business, people who are working on a pile of major businessmen and none of them care about people. The saddest is that nobody knows how to change, because nobody knows how to take over the corporation. So I think we’re stuck with this system until the oil expires. Watch the video below .: Source: http://www.talknetwork.com/

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Panic among the people: In the sale of oranges infected with HIV a positive blood

On the Internet these days are expanded alarming news, that the Customs Service of Algeria has discovered a large quantity of oranges imported from Libya, which is injected HIV a positive blood. If confirmed evidence, this would be yet another disastrous strategy of jihadists in Libya under whose management has been the majority of this country to its enemies, wherever they are in the world. Due to the news began to spread panic …

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McDonald’s New Kale Salad Has More Calories Than a Big Mac

One of the new salad that has become a trend has almost 200 more calories than a Big Mac McDonald’s new “healthy” kale salad has more calories than fast food chains signature sandwich. New salad published in Canada, “Keep Calm, Caesar On” has a higher content of calories than a Big Mac – 730 calories to 540 calories. Last year McDonald announced that it will add the kale salad on their menu. Leafy …

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Homemade test for colon cancer – detect cancer with 92% accuracy

US scientists have developed a home test, primary on the analysis of stool samples that detects colon cancer with 92 percent accuracy. The test, developed at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York include the analysis of DNA present in the sample of feces, that distinguish it from existing non-invasive tests for colon cancer. These tests rely only on detecting the presence of blood in the stool, so that with them, colon cancer was …

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Tree of death – even just to touch it, will die in horrible agony …

“Mancinella” for years is threatened tree, but will be threatened and all those who touch it or try fruit. In Latin America it is known as the “tree of death.” “Hippomane mancinella” is a kind of plant in the spurge family and grows in tropical America everything from Florida through the Caribbean and Central America to South America. If ever encounter “Mancinella”, are likely on the stem to be presented the warning signs …

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