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9-year old girl permanently scarred after acid leaked from her iPhone case’

Nowadays, and the children have their own mobile phones. And while they can be extremely useful, however, they also have a bad sides. Many may not have invented their potential harmfulness. Olivia Retter is a 9-year old girl who lives with her family in Hertfordshire, England. Like many of her peers,Olivia has a mobile phone, but one night, when she fallen asleep over it, she did not expect, that the next day will …

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Use These Two Things to Make Your Bathroom Fragrant for Days

You will only need two things, a toilet paper roll and your favorite scented essential oil. We all try our best to keep our toilets and bathrooms clean and smelling great. Some of us spend a lot on costly perfumes and fresheners so that we can enjoy the cleanness of our home. What we probably don’t know is that there is a wonderful smelling toilet freshener scented with our favorite essential oil in …

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Has it ever occurred to you that you can have alternative firewood for free? Yes it is possible if you see what this smart man teaches us in his video. All you need is: Your junk mail that you usually throw out, two buckets, a drill with an old saw blade and a little water. Amazing isn’t it? One of the other good sides of this idea is that you can protect your …

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10 Foods Made In China You Must Avoid! (Filled With Plastic, Pesticides And Cancer Causing Chemicals)

The past few years almost everything is made in China and brought to USA. It is clear though why and who benefits from this. Well it is not the common people that benefit, that is for sure because these imported food products are cheap for those who make business and very expensive for those who buy them. In fact the consumers pay the highest cost and that is with their lives. These products …

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