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How to choose the healthiest dishes for your kitchen

One sip from plastic cups – and you know that you are drinking more tea. Although glass seems stable, it is not. Have you ever noticed that the dried fruit, which remained long in a plastic package, capture the taste of plastic? This is because the ions and ions of plastic food starting interact. Avoid adding toxins in your food. These are guidelines to choose – and use – healthy dishes. Quality cookware helps …

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Pour flowers with water from boiled potatoes! See why!

Caring for houseplants is a good thing for any home. They are natural way adorn our home, while absorbing carbon dioxide and enrich the air with oxygen. To nurture their soil, they do not need to resort to expensive and strong detergents. This task can do the most ordinary means that you are at hand. Chilled water in which you boiled potatoes or pasta can serve for watering potted flowers. The nutrients contained …

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Fake Rice is Everywhere!! Find Out How To Recognize Real From Fake Rice

China has bewildered the world with plastic substitutes for food before … Now there’s plastic rice, believe it or not! Plastic eggs is old news, now it’s plastic rice. It has been circulating the Asian market lately, also India, Indonesia and Singapore. The latest on plastic rice has been seen on the media on Facebook and WhatsApp. Unfortunately it is reported that this fake rice is found in well known brands too. People …

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10 Cleaning tricks which every woman needs to know!

Don’t we all just want to clean our houses faster?  Take a look at these amazing , (mostly natural) ways to clean stains or any mess. Cleaning sponge The cleaning sponge is said to be an equal to a toilet seat. It is the most desired place to grow and spread for the bacteria of any kind. When you feel it’s getting slightly heavier, know for sure it’s full! Just put it in …

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The proper way to get rid of yellow stains on pillows

This is a proved way to get that long time wanted white glow on your pillows Do not be afraid to dare make this splendid mix of detergents , rest assure it will not let you down! Just make sure your pillows can be machine washed. After you have checked the label, roll up your sleeves and get ready for success. Detergent will be needed: Take 1 cup of washing detergents 1 cup …

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