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Defeat Anemia Within 7 Days: You Only Need Apples And Nails!

If you suffer from anemia, today is your lucky day, because this awesome recipe has cured a lot of people with this disease. The recipe includes the apple and iron nails Sour apples Pale people (probably due to lack of iron, low hemoglobin, anemia) if daily eats sour apple, tamping with iron nails, can prevent iron deficiency and anemia. Recipe Wash the apple well. Wash several nails pure iron and some copper wire with …

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Only three dates a day is enough, to do wonders for your body

Dates. They are something small, simple and tasty, but very useful. In 100 grams of dried fruit contains about 280 calories. But what makes them valuable is that they are extremely rich in carbohydrates and sugars, making it a reliable source of energy, protein and contain within itself all the vitamins, without vitamin E They are especially valuable because of the diverse and complex of amino acids, mineral substances, trace elements and antioxidants. …

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