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Mother Nature Has Created This Fruit For The Female Body. That Is Why It Is So Important For Women To Consume It!

Avocado is one of the greatest gifts of nature. Mother Nature has created this fruit for the female body. Avocados have the same shape as that of the uterus in women. Research has shown that prevents cervical cancer and normalizes hormone. There are more amazing facts! The benefits for you, if you start to eat avocados: It cleans the blood of harmful cholesterol. The oleic acid contained in this fruit, actively prevents the …

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5 good reasons why you should have an AVOCADO A DAY

Read the five answers to the most frequently asked questions about Avocados It is about time to seriously consider the benefit that avocados offer to our health and wellbeing. 1. Eating avocados will prevent adding pounds It is well known that the foods like white flour, salty and sugary snacks, fizzy drinks, junk food are the main factor to be blamed for adding weight. Avocados are a blessing for our body and are …

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