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The way to relieve pain is right before your eyes! It is very easy and worth a try!

Chinese and Russians use aluminum foil for many years as a means to relieve back pain, joints, knees, neck, sciatica, rheumatoid arthritis, gout, postoperative scars and much more. This remedy has the ability to affect the biological active points, passing through our body, and send them back to the meridians where they actually come. The method with aluminum foil provides a positive effect on the affected organs, relating to the same meridian. According …

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Get Rid from the back pain and disc disease with this recipe from the famous professor Mermerski

One of the most common diseases of the locomotor system is a slipped disc. This is because it appears at the load, injury or twisting of the spine. Squeezing a nerve from the vertebrae of the spine or the so-called crack leads to immobility and pain. To help in such cases, you can apply one of the following recipes of Prof.. Mermerski: Recipe 1: Grate 1 head red onion and 1 potato (medium-sized). …

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Massaging This Point Will Annihilate Stress, Help You Sleep Better And Slow The Aging Process.

The practice of reflexology has been around since 4000 B.C. it originated in China where the technique was used  to encourage better health and cure specific illnesses. The healers  understood our mechanics and how everything corresponded. That’s how the healers understood that by putting pressure on specific points on the body they could enhance circulation, purge organs of infections, and even help treat distinct problems. It is said that we have thousands of touchpoints …

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Do not ignore these 10 warning signs “to the Silent Killer”

Do not ignore these 10 symptoms : Common back pain If you are sure that you not suffer from osteoporosis and arthritis, then this pain can be a symptom of ovarian cancer Pain in the abdomen and pelvis Irregular cycles Statistically, women over the age of 55 have a higher risk of ovarian cancer. But it may not always be so. Cancer can occur in young girls who have not yet received the …

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7 Stretches In 7 Minutes To Eliminate Back Pain

It is the famous “Triple Seven Regime” Nowadays it is a typical problem for almost everyone to have pain in the back or in the neck. Even the younger population seeks help for a health issue that was typical for the older people. This condition is becoming alarming and it is important to know how to help or prevent back pain. There are a few stretching exercises that can help prepare the body …

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