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A soaked lilac in brandy ,the pain in the arms and legs disappear in an instant!

Pain in the arms and legs, that are exacerbated mostly at night, usually are due to the problems with joints. We are used to discard it these painful conditions until the time comes, which we are experiencing difficulties not only in the evening but in the morning, even before we wake up of bed. Unfortunately, painkillers have a brief effect. To help your body to restore the good condition of the joints, you …

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With The Help Of Aluminum Foil Say Goodbye To Pain!

The very first thing that goes through our minds, whenever we hear the word – aluminum foil, is without any doubt a well wrapped food, which can be kept cold or warm. And no one has ever thought about the idea that it can be a wonderful thing for keeping people healthy or even serve as a medicine for all of us. The most frequent pains that people talk about, and feel extremely …

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How To Get Rid Of Pain In The Legs, Back And Joint Pain In Just 7 Days

This recipe is a miracle, if you have back pain, joints and legs. Necessary – 150 g gelatin In the evening – put 150 g ( 2 tablespoon) gelatin in a quarter cup of cold water, good stir and let stand until the morning. The mixture overnight will turn into jelly,and in the morning you can add juice or water with honey and drink it on empty stomach After a week significantly reduced pain

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Proven Recipe of prof. Mermerski against back pain

The main symptom of the disease called discopathy is acute back pain, localized mainly in the lower part of the spine, but sometimes the pain occupies and the whole back. If you suffer from discopathy you should  read and use these recipes of famous professor Mermerski, which deals with the treatment of disease by using the power of nature. Prescription 1 To prepare of the drug you will need a potato and an onion. …

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