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Stop Hair Loss and Prevent Dandruff! With THIS 2-Minute Homemade Recipe. You will have a thick, shiny and beautiful hair!

Eggs are good for hair growth, because they contain amino acids and lecithin. Protect the hair from damage also prevents from dandruff. Bananas are good for your hair because they contain vitamins and natural oils. It gives the hair elasticity, shine and softness. Helps to combat flowering tops. Honey is extremely useful for hair growth, since there is a large amount of nutrients and vitamins, and they are E, K, C, B1, B2 …

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Mix Bananas, Honey and Water: Cough and Bronchitis Will Disappear

Here is an excellent natural remedy made from bananas. This is particularly effective in children, but it also helps adults. Bananas have a positive effect on the stomach, as well as being healthy, tasty and nutritious. Make this remedy if your child feel a sore throat or a cough. Its preparation is easy and quick. Ingredients: 2 Bananas (bananas with dots are the most useful) 2 tablespoons honey or sugar 400 ml (13.5 …

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With coconut sugar until slim and healthy pancreas

Coconut sugar , also known as palm sugar or coconut palm sugar, is one of the most popular sweetener in cooking. The reason for its popularity lies not only in the pleasant taste, but also the wide applicability and the fact that it is healthier than many other sweeteners. Coconut sugar is thousands of years used as a sweetener in South and Southeast Asia. Today is very popular in Indonesia, and is becoming …

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A Terrific Drink that acts immediately

To return body at a normal weight, you need to stick to a healthy and balanced diet, and this can only be achieved when using fruits, vegetables and herbs to restore balance in the body. Moreover, some experts argue that,weight loss directly dependent on the use of bananas in the menu. We offer you a recipe that act quickly: Ingredients: One ripe banana; One tablespoon grated ginger; A cup of blueberries; Two tablespoons …

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Turmeric Smoothie Recipe: a Tasty and Powerful Antioxidant

Fall is the time of flue and colds. In this time of the year it is wise to prevent illness in time. Do we want All IN One tasty recipe? Sure! Let’s see: we want something very strong against viruses, bacteria, fungi, cancer and anti- inflammatory and also cleansing and quite tasty. Why not, after all there is such a thing in this world and that is Turmeric. This gift of God has …

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