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An article that everyone should read! – 5 Lifesaving Signals That Your Body Sends Every Day

Our body, both inside and outside is a incredible machine to support a number of factors such as our daily diet, daily routine and lifestyle. It constantly sends the message, that we can see in what condition is our body. Read carefully five important messages that need you to know, because they can save your life. 1. Urine Going to the toilet at night can reveal a lot more, than signs of inflammation …

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Raynaud’s syndrome – the cold fingers!

Raynaud’s syndrome represents occasional violation of the peripheral blood circulation. And that violation is a consequence of local arterial spasm of respiratory arteries and skin blood vessels. The spasm is a response to cold or emotional stress. Clinically condition manifested by sharply change the color of the skin of the fingers. Spasm of blood vessels is caused by a defect in the central and local mechanisms of regulation of vasomotor reactions. From Raynaud’s …

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Improve your posture and reduce pain in the back with this simple exercise

3 serious reasons why you should care about your posture Incorrect posture increases the risk of back pain, slipped disk, a feeling of tightness in the chest and poor blood circulation. Correcting your posture can greatly reduce pain in the back, shoulders and neck. Studies have shown that good posture reduces stress, improves hormonal balance, improves digestion, breathing, improves mental clarity and overall health. Fortunately, there are simple ways by which we can …

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