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Only 1 component once per year, and you will be happy with healthy bones and joints a lifetime

You need only about 150 grams gelatin It sounds incredible, but it is not! If only once a year – and only within a month – using this recipe, you’ll enjoy healthy bones, will recover almost completely and mobility of joints. Need only accept the gelatin. It is a perfect source of collagen and helps to improve the elasticity of the skin, hair condition, relieves joint pain, including chronic anti-inflammatory, improves digestion and …

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Only three dates a day is enough, to do wonders for your body

Dates. They are something small, simple and tasty, but very useful. In 100 grams of dried fruit contains about 280 calories. But what makes them valuable is that they are extremely rich in carbohydrates and sugars, making it a reliable source of energy, protein and contain within itself all the vitamins, without vitamin E They are especially valuable because of the diverse and complex of amino acids, mineral substances, trace elements and antioxidants. …

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