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Oncologists Warn! These are the 13 symptoms of cancer at an early stage in men and women!

Oncologists warn: In one year in Russia were registered about 480,000 new cases of cancer and are deceased more than 280,000 people, about 15 percent of them – people of working age. This situation is explained by the fact, that many of them too late have sought medical help. But cancer diagnosis in the early stages gives a chance for a cure in 95% of cases! There are a number of signs pointing …

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This Herb Saved My Life – True Story!

This is an amazing and true story about a man, who saved himself from the deadly cancer. His story reveals a simple herb that saved his life. Maybe not believe, but this man claimed, that by using this plant he saved himself from the deadly disease. His shocking story began in 2002 when he was diagnosed with a brain tumor with a size of 5.5 cm. So he came to the hospital, where …

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Only two Servings a Week Of This Food Will Protect You From Breast Cancer

Did you know, if you eat twice a week from fatty fish you can protect yourself from breast cancer? According to a new chinese study published in the British Medical Journal, the chances of breast cancer can be reduced by 14 percent, if you start to eat salmon at least twice a week. Due to the fact,Fish gives us the omega-3 fatty acids that are important for brain development and reduce inflammation in …

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They find it! This is a herb that completely cures cancer for 16 hours!

This plant may become a drug in the fight against cancer. According to studies that has been published in “Life Science”, Artemisinin derivatives from plants “Sweet Wormwood” or “Artemisia annua”, which literally translated from English means “sweet wormwood” while in Chinese medicine is used for thousands of years and can kill 98% of breast cancer cells for only 16 hours. If using only the herb, it causes a 28 percent reduction in the …

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Do not expect to be protected from cancer on routine tests! It is very important to listen to your body for any changes, if you notice something different, strange or inexplicable. Here are some signs that are usually ignored: 1. Difficulty breathing or shortness of breath One from premature signs in patients with lung cancer were apparent inability for breath. 2. Chronic cough and chest pain Several types of cancer, including of leukemia, …

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