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Elixir to Help Clear Your Lungs, Best for Smokers

Everyone knows how damaging smoking is. The smokers know best how bad they feel with the breathing difficulties and the loss of energy. Despite all the warnings and facts that cancer and heart attack is caused by smoking, smokers continue to smoke… Some people get bronchitis months after starting smoking, some later, some don’t but they all suffer consequences for sure one way or the other. All you got to do is Quit …

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If you have these four symptoms, instantly go to the doctor! After 10 days may be too late!

Neither the men or women are spared  from this health problem. However, symptoms for  men and women are quite different. In women, some symptoms sometimes appear even ten days before the date of a heart attack in women. If you have any of these symptoms, visit your doctor immediately to prevent heart attack. Chest pain and discomfort Chest pain is the most common symptom of a heart attack, but some women may experience …

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How the plastic cap from the pen can save your life?

A seemingly simple and cheapest of pens, which certainly never thought what it means and why serve the “cap”. But there is a detail that no one noticed and did not know what it was for, but saves many lives! If you look at the cap, you will see that the top is hollow. Small children aware that everything they see put in the mouth, and often adults when deepen in mind, they …

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