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Unbelievable: Cancer can be cured in 3 Minutes With the Mind!

This stunning theory has already known for years. The famous American author Gregg Braden, is known for his theories of treating cancer, which claims that emotions affecting the DNA and that the collective power of thought (prayer, offer …) can heal from any physical illness. Cancer occurs at influence of intention and awareness of the existence of a connection between our thoughts and manifestation in the physical world when using a field that …

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The cancer, dies when you eat these 7 foods .Time to start eating them

Science is constantly looking for new ways to tackle the scourge of Millennium – The cancer diseases. Medical portal reveals properties of 7 food and drinks which stop feeding cancer cells and inhibit the development of tumors. It’s not about starvation, but for a set of universal favorites like red wine, tomatoes, blueberries, curry, black chocolate and green tea. Scientists claim that these foods can be even more effective than chemotherapy. What caused …

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Find out instantly whether you have colon cancer with the help of yogurt

Scientists from the Institute of Technology in Massachusetts came to a simple method for detecting colon cancer and only with yogurt and urine test. Professor Sanguine Baptiste managed to develop molecules that act as biomarkers for finding cancer cells. If you consume these molecules with yogurt they will found path to the cancer cell where the enzymes act like fingers on small particles and they are thrown out from the body with urine …

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Amazing Discovery Endemic Fruit Kills Cancer In Minutes!

Finally something truly powerful and natural that kills cancer fast without the long ordeal millions go through. Yes, now there is hope for cancer patients to heal faster than ever! Namely, Australian scientists accidentally found out an endemic tree and discovered that the fruit can have amazing results in cancer treatment. This was done after they monitored the animals that ate these strange berries and spat the seeds out. This is what tackled …

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Cancer Treatment with Sodium Bicarbonate according to Dr. Simoncini and Jim Kelmun

Usual cancer treatment costs around $100. 000. Natural methods cost nothing and don’t hurt the patient’s body plus  perform much better. That’s the reason why patients choose natural ways to fight cancer. In the following lines you can read about cancer survivors that have used Sodium Bicarbonate only and some combined with maple syrup. Be as it may, cancer is a hard illness to cure and the treatment should be at all times …

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