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28-year-old mother died of cervical cancer – these are symptoms, which has ignored

When I read this touching story about a young mother who died of cancer, you will immediately go to review. Amanda Booth gave birth three children, had great fear to make a test of the cervix. She was only 28 years old. She died of cancer of the cervix, by one disease, whose symptoms she has ignored. Amanda died from this terrible disease and behind left three children Demi (11), Leon (8) and …

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This increases the risk of cancer 22 times, but is the greatest pleasure!

HPV is a virus of many types, and some of them cause cancer. It is generally believed that cancer of the neck or the head is caused by an smoking and excessive alcohol consumption. However,for scientists is not became clear how a cancer that is usually associated with uterine cancer,becomes throat cancer . The similarity is here, but the method was not clear. Oral sex is the main culprit for the transmission of …

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The plant that cures cancer of the cervix, pain in the tooth and skin diseases

Houseleeks plant (lat. Sempervivum) is best described by its Latin name, which in translation means “always alive”. It is characterized by its thick leaves filled with water. This plant is rich in tannin, mucus and oil. Research has proven that possesses flavonoids and carbohydrates. Can be used in liquid form, dyed layers, fat, tincture and tea. It is a traditional remedy for ear pain. Its fluid dissolves excess wax in the ear and …

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First symptoms of cervical cancer

Early stages of cervical cancer are asymptomatic, i.e. not appearing any symptoms. This fact once again confirms how important regular checks for early detection and prevention of disease. But if the cancer begins to grow, it may experience the following symptoms: Vaginal bleeding between two menstruations Bleeding and pain during intercourse; Bleeding after menopause; Pain in the lower abdomen; Strong vaginal discharge with a strong odor, which may contain traces of blood; Fully …

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