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Why Is This Hidden from the Public: Top 10 Causes of Cancer That We Use Daily!

It is well known that the pharmaceutical industry has kept secrets and profited billions from this illness. Luckily there are alternative web pages that publish secrets revealed from scientists and investigators. Here’s a list of ten most dangerous secrets that have been kept away from the food and pharmaceutical industry Hormones in meat and milk: Most domestic animals are fed with artificial hormones in order to produce optimal   amount of milk and meat. …

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How To Recognize the Plastics That Are Hazardous To Your Health!

Are you checking bottles or plastic cups you drink to see the number engraved? Are you aware of the toxins that plastic cups and bottles release? Do you drink water from the same plastic bottle? If so, do you know how many times it can be reused? Please consider these issues seriously as some types of plastics that are used for storage are highly toxic To avoid uncertainty, see the following short warning. …

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These are the first symptoms of the cancer! If you have any of these immediately seek medical advice

What are the first symptoms of the disease cancer? Essential for timely diagnosis and treatment of cancer disease are exactly those things that suggest the cancer cells attack. Sudden weight loss, changing of the skin color, unusually feelings of high temperatures – all of these symptoms may indicate that perhaps you may have cancer. Over time they may appear also other symptoms, but until then it is necessary to visit a doctor while …

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Johnson & Johnson Lawsuit: Company Admits to Cancer Causing Ingredients to Their Products

Johnson & Johnson admits: Our baby products contain cancer-causing formaldehyde When you think of your baby, you go for the best care possible guided by the expectation that baby products are safe and protected or approved by professionals Like- “ FDA” for example!? Well get ready for this irony: Johnson & Johnson baby shampoos contain two cancer causing chemicals. What is even more appalling is that the advertisement says “ No more tears”, …

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20 Reasons you should Drink Lemon Water in the Morning

Here are 20 answers to your questions There’s nothing better that you can do for your organism than to give it lemon water in the time when it is waking. In the morning every cell needs to rejuvenate, fill with water and nutrients so that it can flush all the toxins out and transport all the nutrients such as vitamins and minerals to the needed places in the body. The water is definitely …

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