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What Happens One Hour After Drinking A Can Of Coke


At the time when I worked as a pharmacist, I was close to people suffering from obesity, heart illnesses, diabetes and other conditions related to excessive weight. What I was very curious about was why people would still put on weight or not lose weight at all even when they were on low fat diet. It was obvious that it was not only the fat they were consuming or not consuming at all. …

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Cola Drinks Are Dangerous For Human Health But You Can Use Them In Many Other Useful Ways

The whole world knows about Coca-cola. It is the most famous product in history and the most used phrase after ” HELLO.” The company makes sure it is easier to find or buy a coke than drinking water at some countries in the world. The company made sure to advertise itself as environmental friendly and socially responsible , but the truth is that indeed it is to blame for water shortages and pollution. …

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