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End of constipation – Clear your bowels with two easy recipes of famous healer

Colon as the last part of the digestive system plays several critical roles in our body – control water balance, maintain a strong immune system and aids digestion. The colon in large part dependent on the proper functioning of the body, since it throw out poisons from your body. Therefore, if the colon is not working properly, toxins can not be removed and instead will be absorbed into the body. The whole digestive …

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Oncologists Warn! These are the 13 symptoms of cancer at an early stage in men and women!

Oncologists warn: In one year in Russia were registered about 480,000 new cases of cancer and are deceased more than 280,000 people, about 15 percent of them – people of working age. This situation is explained by the fact, that many of them too late have sought medical help. But cancer diagnosis in the early stages gives a chance for a cure in 95% of cases! There are a number of signs pointing …

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Treatment of Colon Cancer with Dates!

Even if you have not assumed, that the magic cure for colon cancer is located close at hand from you As much as you believe dates successfully treated many of the people suffering from the insidious cancer disease. Besides being treated colon cancer, dates successfully reduce the high blood pressure and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Recommended that the dates be taken during pregnancy, and furthermore prevent the occurrence of arthritis and …

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Homemade test for colon cancer – detect cancer with 92% accuracy

US scientists have developed a home test, primary on the analysis of stool samples that detects colon cancer with 92 percent accuracy. The test, developed at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York include the analysis of DNA present in the sample of feces, that distinguish it from existing non-invasive tests for colon cancer. These tests rely only on detecting the presence of blood in the stool, so that with them, colon cancer was …

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Spice that kills and the last microbe in your body

Especially magical, black cumin was used in Ancient Egypt How would you react if we say that there is a seed, so much packed with healing compounds that diseases such as cancer and ulcers,in the same way and different chronic conditions have no chance? Like science fiction? Not at all. Black cumin, have nothing to do with the cumin in general, is a particularly magical plant from Asia. Used as a panacea by …

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