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Homemade Vapor Rub Shower Cubes : DIY Home Remedy – Get Rid Of A Cold Instantly

Effective Cold Relief is in your hands What to do, when we have cold symptoms But few people know, that getting rid of a stuffy nose, sore throat, cough, sneezing and tearing can assist only a hot shower. Water procedures are not only pleasant, but also useful, you need to prepare a home remedy for colds. You’ll need 1 cup of corn starch 1/2 cup of baking soda Mold tray(ice) water 5 table …

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Spread honey and cinnamon on a slice of bread and eat every day, and here’s why!

Eat bread with honey and cinnamon every morning. There is more research and evidence to show that honey is more effective as a cure and can cure many diseases. If you mix the honey with cinnamon, you will have a powerful combination that can not be found or replaced with any food purchase in the store. It may seem incredible, but this combination can cure almost any disease. Heart disease Begin your healthy …

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Get Rid of Flu and Cold in Only 5 Minutes

Unpleasant situation for many people is the common cold. Fortunately now with alternative methods, we can activate the power of the body to deal with the cold before deepen and move into something more serious than a flu cold. Try proven massage on the following points on the face: Point 1: It is located exactly between the eyebrows. You must press and hold for one minute. Point 2: These points are located in …

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You Can Beat Flu & Colds With This Simple Ginger Tea

One friend of mine from her Chinese Grandmother got this recipe that I learned and I have to say it has never failed me. It contains simple ingredients but you will be amazed by the strength when you drink it at first sniffle. This simple tea has only 3 ingredients and you can make it in a few minutes, but it’s extremely useful in beating colds and helped a lot to ease my flu conditions through cold …

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