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Nothing From The Pharmacy Can Compete With This Cough Syrup! And You Only Need Three Ingredients.

When every breath feels like you’ve got a piece of sandpaper stuck in the throat, it’s probably time to find some effective cough syrup. But why spend time and money at the pharmacy when you can make your own quickly and easily? Try now this simple recipe, and you’ll be breathing easier in no time … You will need: 6 oz Organic honey 2 oz olive oil 3 Lemons for freshly squeezed lemon …

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Eliminating Your Cough In Only One Day

If coughing persists more than a week it’s perfectly normal to try different procedures in eliminating it, otherwise it gets very annoying. In various respiratory conditions that involve cough and cold best natural treatment to be used are onions. Especially if they are taken raw, they represent excellent treatment to conditions such as: cholesterol level, arthritis, diabetes and above all they make beneficial for the heart. This is due to their sulfur and …

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