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The plant that cures cancer of the cervix, pain in the tooth and skin diseases

Houseleeks plant (lat. Sempervivum) is best described by its Latin name, which in translation means “always alive”. It is characterized by its thick leaves filled with water. This plant is rich in tannin, mucus and oil. Research has proven that possesses flavonoids and carbohydrates. Can be used in liquid form, dyed layers, fat, tincture and tea. It is a traditional remedy for ear pain. Its fluid dissolves excess wax in the ear and …

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Against Ear Pain – Grandmother Approved! Warm Sea Salt in a Sock

This old method is grandmother approved and great with no side effects from dangerous antibiotics and chemicals. It is all natural and quite effective. I have tried it myself when no antibiotic would do the job. Whoever suffers from earache, knows how damn painful it can be. I personally had middle ear infection. It seems there was nothing that could help. Of course at some point antibiotics would do the job, but not …

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