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She Put a Few Cabbage Leaves on Swollen Feet and Lay Down. That Which Happened in the Morning, You Will Be Amazed!

Cabbage Leaves For Pain Relief The leaves of fresh cabbage are like a magnet that pulls diseases of the human body. Learn more and be treated with this cheap and rational cure. This time you are not going to eat cabbage, instead you will use its leaves for external use. Here are many reasons for using cabbage leaves 1. Cabbage leaves for swelling from various injuries If you hit your arm or leg …

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What to do if your feet swell?

Swellings are created because they accumulate fluid in the tissues, and the entire process is the result of delays in the blood and lymph. This often happens in the summer, and perhaps you’ve already learned from experience. Under the influence of the sun and heat spread to the blood vessels and capillaries. Here’s what you can do if you worry about swollen feet: Reduce your intake of salt – salt contributes to fluid …

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9 Simple Ways to Reduce Your Risk of Kidney Disease and Detoxify with Natural Drink

There are simple and efficient ways to clean your kidneys with different kind of drinks. The abdominal cavity is the place where the kidneys are located. Every person has 2 kidneys, one is located on the right and other on the left side (this was easy). What the science of medicine teaches us is that kidneys store energy needed for life since the birth time, kind of energy that is very essential for …

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